APH Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the American Printing House for the Blind hosted an informative webinar:

Life Changers: How accessibility laws, guidelines and awareness are changing lives


In addition, APH encouraged all of its employees to participate in a fun accessibility trivia game. 10 questions were released throughout the day. Today, we are sharing with you the first question and some resources you are likely to enjoy.


1.     Helen Keller could identify a person’s traits by the vibrations of their footsteps.

  • True
  • False
  • Only when it was raining
  • Only indoors


The answer is: True. Source: “The World I Live In” By Helen Keller.


“Footsteps, I discover, vary tactually according to the age, the sex, and

the manners of the walker. It is impossible to mistake a child’s patter

for the tread of a grown person. The step of the young man, strong and

free, differs from the heavy, sedate tread of…”

Read the complete relevant Passage of Helen’s book


If we have piqued your interest, and after reading the passage, you are interested in reading the complete book, we invite you to learn more about our Migel Library.


The APH Migel Library promotes research, education, and social and cultural awareness by collecting and providing access to non-medical materials related to blindness and visual impairment.


The Migel Library offers full text of select items such as Helen Keller’s “World I Live In”. The library offers free download, option to Borrow, and Streaming.


The APH Migel Collection is the largest known library of materials related to blindness and visual impairment in the world.

Check it out now at Migel.APH.org and feel free to leave us your comments below.

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