APH Resources


  • Playlist on YouTube featuring some of our products
  • APH Accessibility hub website featuring Accessibility and Inclusion training, document accessibility checklists, tutorials, Best Practices, videos and blog
  • APH connect center free information hotline on every aspect of vision loss. Call 1-800-232-5463 or email connectcenter@aph.org
  • Career Connect resources to start and maintain a career
  • Family Connect useful resources for parents and children with visual impairments
  • Visionaware resources to maintain a more independent life
  • Migel Library full of history and articles online about Helen Keller
  • At Home with APH Resources page linking to blogs posts with activities that can be done at home
  • Podcast called Change Makers featuring people who have created change in the field of visual impairment. Currently covering the Coronavirus and how people are coping