Checklist for Planning APH Meetings

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When planning a meeting at APH, there are certain considerations that will help you conduct a successful meeting in which everyone can participate fully.

Download Accessible APH Meetings Checklist

Considerations In Advance of the Meeting

 I plan to share the agenda and all other items no less than 24 business hours before the meeting.

 I will include the agenda in the body of the meeting invitation as well as attached with all other handouts and presentations to the meeting invitation.

 If any activity in the meeting requires writing, I will let participants know in advance to bring their own writing tools.

 Even when my meeting was scheduled at the last minute, I followed the instructions above.

Considerations In Advance of Showing Your Presentation

 I reviewed my presentation to ensure I included only the key points on the slides.

 I made sure I am prepared to share all information on the slides with the audience, including verbal description of graphics, charts, pictures, etc.

 I made sure all video and audio content is fully accessible with transcripts, captions and/or audio descriptions.

 I prepared materials so that all individuals can participate in all planned activities.

 I made sure a working microphone is available for the presenter(s)

Considerations Once the Meeting Starts

 I will make sure I conduct around the room introductions to let everyone know who is attending.

 I will make sure to sort out in advance all accessible materials, and to hand them out at the appropriate time during my meeting.