Checklist for MS Excel Workbooks

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Checklist compiled from information found in the Microsoft accessibility pages, opens in a new window and the 508 checklist, opens in a new window provided by the Department of Health and Human Services.


Assistive technology, such as screen readers and magnification software, rely on the underlying code in your workbooks and charts to make sense of the information you present. People who are blind or have low vision can understand your data more easily if you create your Excel workbooks and charts with accessibility in mind.

Download Accessible MS Excel Checklist

Document Basics

I used a readable sans serif typeface/font of a minimum of 12 point

I created the required color contrast

I gave the worksheet a descriptive file name

Sheets and Tables

I gave all sheet tabs unique names, and removed blank sheets.

I prefixed each table (titled) with the table name and table number

I used a simple table structure, and specified column header information

I made sure the table header repeats at the top of the table as it goes from one page to another

Visual Content and Hyperlinks

I used alt text to create accessible images and other objects such as graphics and charts

I added text to ensure that color (and other sensory characteristics) were not the only way to convey meaning

I added meaningful hyperlink text and ScreenTips

Other Considerations

I excluded text boxes, watermarks, and flashing objects