How to add descriptive hyperlinks and screen tips in Excel

Use meaningful and descriptive text

Instead of linking to non-descriptive text such as “Click here” OR “MORE”, use meaningful text such as “Click here to take the survey” or “More about APH”.
If the title on the hyperlink’s destination page gives an accurate summary of what’s on the page, use it for the hyperlink text. Such an example of a destination page would be: “APH Accessibility Guidelines”.

Adding text to hyperlinks

1. Right-click a cell.
2. Select Hyperlink.
3. In the Text to display box, type text that describes the target of the hyperlink.
4. In the Address box, enter the destination address for the hyperlink.
5. Optional: Select the ScreenTip button and, in the ScreenTip text box, type a ScreenTip. Screen tips will appear when your cursor hovers over text or images that include a hyperlink.