How to add text to color and other sensory characteristics

Find ways to include text that duplicates the meaning of the color or other sensory characteristic)

For instance, let’s say you have a table that includes all your guests to a meeting. You have marked in yellow those who are vegetarian, and in blue, those who are not vegetarian. Now you must find a way to convey this information to users who can’t see color.
You may do this in a variety of ways.
1. One way would be to separate the groups into 2 tables and clearly label them as Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian.
2. Another option would be to leave the table as it is, and add either a (V) or (N) to each guest’s name. Also add a note that explains that names marked with a (V) are vegetarian and those marked with (N) are non-vegetarian.
3. One more option would be to add an asterisk only to those individuals who are vegetarian, and write a note explaining that those individuals marked with an asterisk are vegetarian.