How to create and protect section breaks

Creating Section Breaks

1. Place your cursor at the point where you wish to create a section break.
2. Go to the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon
3. Activate the breaks button in the page set up group of the ribbon
4. Choose Continuous

Reviewing section breaks

When we initially put the section breaks in Microsoft Word, you cannot see them visually. To show section breaks, go to the View tab of the Ribbon and choose Draft View. When done, switch back to Print Layout

Protecting specific Sections

1. Go to the Review tab
2. Go to Protect
3. Go to Restrict Editing
4. Check the checkbox under number 2 that says “allow only this type of editing.” If you do not check the checkbox, you do not get access to the next control, which is a drop-down box.
5. When the drop-down box becomes available, select “Filling In Forms.”
6. Just past the drop-down box is a link that reads “Activate Sections.” Activate the link, and you will see a list of all the different sections that you just marked off in your document. All of them are checked off by default.
7. Uncheck the sections you do not wish to protect. In this case, they are the sections with instructions, sections 1 and 3. Leave the section or sections containing Form Fields checked/protected.
8. Finally, choose “okay” on that dialog box, and then Select the box under number 3 that states “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection”
Password box will populate. Type password in both sections or select “Ok”