How to create color contrast and spacing

Create adequate contrast

Ensure that text displays well by using the Automatic setting for font colors.
Select your text, and then select Home > Font Color > Automatic.

Use plain Backgrounds for Text

The use of busy, graphic backgrounds for text is popular now but it renders text very difficult to read, in many cases. Plain backgrounds, preferably of off white, cream, ivory, yellow or pink are best for reading black text.

Create adequate white space

Make sure you have adequate space between sentences and paragraphs by doing the following:
* Select your text.
* Select the Home tab.
* In the Paragraph group, in the lower-right corner of the group, select the More button.
The Paragraph dialog box opens, showing the Indents and Spacing tab.
* Under Spacing, select the spacing options you want.

Recommended spacing options

• Indent 1 inch at margins
• Space 1.25 between lines, especially on forms where underscores and boxes are used to provide space for writing
• Double space (30-34 pt) between paragraphs or other bodies of text
• Use block paragraph style, no indents