Why are section breaks important in forms that contain other text?

To get assistive technology to read instructions in a form, as well as to access all Form Controls, you will need to create “Section Breaks” within your document/form. This will allow you to protect only those sections containing form fields, and leave other text unprotected.
As an example, think of a form which has 3 parts:
* The first part is a set of instructions. For instance, “Contact information instructions…All applicants must complete this section.”
* The second part is a set of six different edit box fields. For instance “Full name, street address, city, state, zip, and phone number.”
* The third part is a paragraph thanking you for filling out the form.
Your form will look like this:
* First set of instructions
—Continuous Section Break—
* Group of Form Controls (Protected)
—Continuous Section Break—
* Thank you note