Gratitude Tree

I’m thankful for my co-worker Fred who always has a smile and word of encouragement and wisdom just when I need it. For Roseanne, who’s always appreciative and open to my feedback when I do tasks for her. For Li, who trusts my judgement and my way of helping him visually. Thank you, Li, for always having my back.


A person’s supervisor can make or break their opinions about work. I’m very thankful to work with Phil Moore.


Abby, Thank you for being a great employee, sounding board, friend, and creative. You make our work so much better.




All my co-workers and shipping.


Although being an agency worker, I’m thankful for being able to work with APH and it’s wonderful team and members.


Bob Belknap and APH grant writers.




Customer service team for being amazing and helping me as I get started – Jessica


Debbie for always smiling


Development team, work-family! I’m thankful for working with a great team at APH.


Dove. She always puts a smile on my face!


Fellow coworkers


First and foremost, God.


For John Zinninger, for all he has done for the studio and beyond.


Grateful for Scott and APH family for helping me through a difficult time in my life.


Grateful. I am grateful for the windows in the educational aids department. Every morning while I’m working I can watch the sun rise. #skylover -Ashley Marie Edwards




Have an APH.


Heather  and Larry for giving me an opportunity to work here and for assisting in challenges I have had. Also to Ken Perry for keeping things funny and interesting. – Joseph Hodge


Heather Mackenzie


Hi, I’m Andrew Dakin and I’m thankful for Katherine Corcoran continuing to work part-time and the model shop, helping us carry the workload and pass on her knowledge!


I am grateful for a great year at APH, a Louisville institution whose mission is a noble one!


I am grateful for Bob and the entire development team! We are doing great work and can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.


I am grateful for climate control in the workplace and good coworkers


I am grateful for Lynn Florence. Not only does she work hard to prepare great lunch selections and hot coffee, she is personable, kind, and takes the time to get to know her customers.


I am grateful for my boss and all my fellow coworkers in shipping. -Jimmy Park


I am grateful for my fellow copyholders especially Tonia Peters, who is always willing to answer any and all questions I have about confusing tests.


I am grateful for my new job at APH, my wonderful siblings, and my little dog, Ciara. -Corrine G.

Nov, 2019


I am grateful for Silver Bryant. Her warm smile and cheery “good morning” have reminded me to treasure each day. – Dorothy Owens


I am grateful for Stephanie Lancaster for having the patience to teach me all about our products and being a positive person.


I am grateful for Stephanie Lancaster having the patience to teach me all about our products and being a positive person. – Laura Greenwell


I am grateful for WSS and Alejandro for always making me laugh when RSVPing to company evens. -Sarah W.


I am grateful to Karen for planning our birthday events and always making sure everyone has plenty to eat.


I am grateful to Karen for planning our birthday events and always makes sure everyone has plenty to eat. -Emily Hurd


I am so grateful to many APH employees who help the museum and myself in many ways. Two employees who have been extremely helpful in just the past week are Jason Abadie (Maintenance) and Jimmy Park (Shipping/Receiving)


I am thankful for Leesha Twyman for welcoming me, helping me adjust and feel comfortable. I miss her and wish her a speedy recovery.


I am thankful for Adam Clark. Without him I would not have the job I have today – Jeff W


I am thankful for all the people I work with and have come across in the 19 years I have worked here.


I am thankful for APH and all my coworkers


I am thankful for Beth Rohret. She informed me of a position at APH that I might be interested in. She stayed on me to apply and I did apply and here I am. I am grateful for her persistence.


I am thankful for Bob and the entire development team! We are doing great work and can’t wait to see what 2020 brings! – Lisa Echsner


I am thankful for Cathy Senft Graves incisive attention to detail.


I am thankful for coworkers who can put up with me. -Doug Eder


I am thankful for Frank Hayden. He never turns you away when you have a questions and is always there to help (if he can). I have learnt so much from him.


I am thankful for Gary Mudd who works with the government to ensure the federal program continues and who took me under his wing when all the changes occurred to my old apartment.


I am thankful for Gwynn Stewart. She is always willing to help and a good friend. Mary Ellen Smith.


I am thankful for Jason Abadie and the many hats he wears to keep our building safe and clean, and our employees safe, happy, and comfortable. He makes a great place to work even better with his positivity and generally caring nature.


I am thankful for Lynn and her fire sloppy joes.


I am thankful for Max for making me start over until it was right.


I am thankful for my amazing boss Anita and all that she has taught me while I have worked here.


I am thankful for my Ed aides co-workers, supervisor Cindy, the people in tape duplication, and for the company for providing this luncheon. I am also thankful for Charlotte. And Thankful especially for Cindy and Yanorkey


I am thankful for my family and APH family. Kathy Allgeier


I am thankful for my family and friends at the American Printing House


I am thankful for my team who all gave me a chance to work here and who all helped me to learn products at APH.


I am thankful for new beginnings


I am thankful for Pat training me correctly in Ed aides. I’m thankful for Terea training me in digital duplication. I’m thankful for how helpful Marlene is… And thankful for Cindy listening.

I’m thankful for the Brittany and Arelis for bringing happiness to our department.


I am thankful for Proofreading Dept. and Transcription Department and especially Joy Robinson


I am thankful for Sally Hart and Yan Zhang. Their knowledge of tactile graphics and their willingness to share that knowledge has helped me better understand how to make tactile graphics that are useful for a student. – Dru Russell


I am thankful for Sarah Hoke. She gave me the opportunity to work here and she is a super person.


I am thankful for Scott Smith, he always seems to be upbeat and lightens the mood wherever he is.


I am thankful for starting a new me at APH. Thankful for Sue Chalk, Patricia AKA Pat and Silver for helping me become a good employee for helping me learn and understand the job so that I can produce good quality work for the people we serve and help them live independent lives.


I am thankful for Steve Paris for his insightful leadership and that he saw enough in me to give me the opportunity to work at APH. -Joe DeMuth


I am thankful for Tabatha D. She steps up to make things for smoother and for my friends at APH.


I am thankful for the entire staff of our department. Every staff member in TMR is hard working, conscientious and is dedicated to helping fulfill our mission here at APH. They are a great group of people and I am privileged to work with them.


I am thankful for the maintenance department here at APH. When machines are down, they do their best to get them back up quickly.


I am thankful for the whole HR team. A great bunch of people.


I am thankful for the wonderful people in my department, especially our supervisors and my sweet friend and copyholder, Geralyn. I am especially thankful for the chance to help people as well as promote and spread our mission.


I am thankful for the wonderful people in my department. Especially our Supervisors and my sweet friend and copyholder, Geralyn.  I am especially thankful for the chance to help people as well as promote and spread our mission. Vikki Pagan


I am thankful for Vincent and Deb and Dottie and all of our great housekeeping staff! – Mike Hudson


I am thankful for wonderful family, friends, and co-workers.


I am thankful for working with pleasant people within my department.


I am thankful for: I am glad that Craig Meador came to work here and brought back our Christmas parties and all the other nice things he has done for us, like today. Thank you very much.


I am thankful that APH gives me the opportunity to help people every day. -Abigail


I am thankful that Craig enjoys the Louisville Fe supporters zone as much as I do. I’m thankful that Arthur has a new story every day if you to ask him.


I am thankful that I have a good job to come in to and for my family for which I love very much.


I am thankful for my health. I am thankful for our military and veterans. I am blessed and I thank god and I say God bless America. Thank you my fellow employees.


I am thankful that Jeff and George are separated by an office divider.


I am thankful that many APHers got a good old belly laugh at my congratulatory speech for George Williams. That I found out I was fiving it five minutes before going up.


I am thankful to APH for the opportunity to join the team as a permanent employee.

I am thankful to Chris Garr, Mary Reinert, Greg Pursley and Doug Eder for making sure we are taking care of business properly while we work to fill customer demand.


I am thankful to Lauren Hicks. My partner in crime. My best friend. The angel on my shoulder. She has been a great friend and co-worker to me. She is always there to make me laugh when I need it.


I am thankful to work with Mary Ellen Smith as I can always count on her to cover my back. She is extremely hard-working as well as considerate and kind. I couldn’t have a better coworker.


I am very thankful to have a job at APH. Many thanks to Jane Thompson for hiring me for her department.


I like Dogs.


I thank APH for giving me the opportunity and also hiring me to be a part of the APH employee team – Kenneth Clear


I want to say thank you for being part of the APH Team. Ed Aids Dept is the best. Yanorky Espinosa


I want to thank Rita, for teaching me the correct way of doing my job.


I would like to give thanks to everyone at APH especially those on the 3rd floor & HR for giving me such a warm welcome. I truly feel at home. Thank you


I would like to give thanks to Jack Decker, an employee who has come before us. I am grateful for the employment opportunity he presented to me 19 years ago.


I would like to give thanks to my supervisor and studio staff for being so supportive all year long.


I would like to give thanks to William Freeman for his patience and time and training me on Braille blaster.


I would like to thank Jayma Hawkins. Not only for her work and dedication to APH and the Prison Braille Network but personally for believing in me and encouraging me, even if some of the encouragement and gentle pushing came with a hint of a violent act with it. Thank you.


I would like to thank Laura Greenwell on always being so eager to learn new skills and for volunteering often to help with projects and other duties as assigned. Also thankful for her positive attitude. It’s a joy to work with her.


I’m grateful for Johanna for helping me through my training and answering my stupid questions.


I’m grateful for my new job at APH, my wonderful siblings and my little dog, Ciara – Connie G.


I’m thankful and grateful for the opportunity to be here.


I’m thankful for a positive work environment, helpful staff, very clean bathrooms. I’m thankful that the work I do matters. A true family atmosphere – CTP.


I’m thankful for APH for helping all visually impaired people. William Scott Smith for being the nicest person I’ve met.


I’m thankful for Cathy Jenkins.


I’m thankful for Craig… for his vision and commitment to APH and those we serve, and providing me with a career that I enjoy and am proud of. – Laura H.


I’m thankful for Darlene… For being a great grandmother at home and at work.


I’m thankful for everyone and educational aides… thankful for my lady’s and tape duplication that keep me working, laughing, and alert on the job! – Brittany Wilson


I’m thankful for Jason Abadie. He is always there when we have questions or machine issues.


I’m thankful for Kath Peak. Kathy is always willing to help me out whenever I need anything. Additionally, Kathy always has her coworker’s best interests at heart.


I’m thankful for Lynn Florence and the wonderful food she cooks for the APH staff every day. It is a great service.


I’m thankful for Lynn Florence who’s sloppy joes give me reason to keep on keeping on – Ron Dixon.


I’m thankful for Maria Delgado’s patience with me while I learn and Gary Mudd’s willingness to share his knowledge with me.


I’m thankful for Ms. Rita because of her knowledge and dedication to APH.


I’m thankful for my team member Debora Algood, Silver Bryant, Tolmetta Stephens, Dottie Parks and Charlotte Parker. It’s a privilege and an honor to lead such an awesome team of individuals and they deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication.


I’m thankful for my whole department and especially my trainer Tonia Peters.


I’m thankful for Sally Hart. She is a great listener and has a big heart!


I’m thankful for the “easygoing crew” that I have the pleasure of working with!


I’m thankful that Craig and Joy’s the Louisville FC supporters zone as much as I do. I’m thankful that Arthur has a new fish story every day if you dare to ask him.


I’m thankful that Joe Demuth now calls me “Sandy” out loud instead of Ron because of my sand sculpture masterpieces. I’m thankful that BJ only bloating for a week straight after she beat me by one pin.


I’m thankful to APH got hiring me. I’m thankful for David McGee and now Terry Raymer for being such great bosses (some of the time)!!!


I’m thankful to be here. I am blessed to be alive. – Debbie


I’m thankful to Jeremy Hodges for his patience and determination and technical knowledge.


I’m thankful to Steve that he said “you might be right!” once to me. I’m thankful to Joe Wegner for messing with my truck every day.


I’m very thankful for all my friends in tape duplication. I’m very happy to be here at APH – Arelis


James Robinson for teaching me a small part of what he knows. Frank Hayden (and James too) for taking a chance on me.


Johnny Z. and all his magic.


Jonathan, You are a great leader and friend. You make work fun and offer great guidance. Thanks for being a great boss and friend. –Abby


Lynn F. Those sloppy joes are bangin’!


Many thanks to Jason Abadie and the rest of the maintenance team for always fulfilling our (sometimes crazy, and often spontaneous) requests! Thanks for always going above and beyond! Laura Huguenin


Mrs. Bryant does great work at keeping my area clean. She always has a great attitude towards her work and APH. She is a great person.


My new niece


My officemate, Rachel Brewer


My sister, Gayle Pryor.


My sweet son and a healthy pregnancy.


My wife


Nancy Etter, Thank you so much for your help with the binder digitization project. -Liz Schaller


One who deserves it as much as anyone I can think of is Lynn Florence. Thank you for sloppy tots and for being awesome, Lynn!


Paper cutter Connie. Payroll: Theresa Close

Po, he is super helpful regarding any computer issues I may encounter.


RAs. I am thankful for Leasha and all the RAs for their help and support to develop great products for the visually impaired.




Robin Bailey for your kindness and joyful ways.


Sara Pigott, you are a ray of sunshine who brings light and warmth to everyone’s day. Thank you for being you.


Shannon 🙂


Stephanie Lancaster for her beautiful work on brochure. Cindy Amback for her expertise and friendly smile. Joon Le for her year-round work on trademark, copyright. Gary Mudd for his encouragement and inspiration.


Thank you Fred Otto for “pushing the envelope”


Thank you Rachel Bishop for all our walks together and for all the theater conversations we’ve had.


Thank you Rita for keeping me on my toes.


Thank you to Yan Zheng. I am thankful for his knowledge, his friendship and his tea. Happy Thanksgiving! – Sally


Thank you William and Joe. You’re testing makes our software better.


Thank you to the Customer Service Department for their graciousness and understanding while I begin learning the ropes. I doubt I would have done half as well without all of your help and guidance and good humor.


Thankful for Angela for the tea and friendship…and Todd for always helping.


Thankful for APH. For doing all things possible to make life better and interesting for the visually impaired. Cindy Davis for believing me when others doubted.


Thankful for being able to work at APH. – Angel Q.


Thankful for being fortunate to help the less fortunate.


Thankful for Craig Meador and his vision. My team, Arthur, Sara H., Dorothy, and Sarah W. for all they do each and every day. And all the employees at APH for caring and enhancing the lives of our customers.


Thankful for Craig Meador for his vision. For my team for all they do each and every day. And all the employees at APH for caring and enhancing the lives of our customers.


Thankful for Kathleen for including me


Thankful for life, love, friends, happiness, music.


Thankful for my great employees. They make my job great.


Thankful to Jack Fox for his wonderful narrations of the talking books.


Thankful to Jo Holt for all the kind assistance


Thankful. I’m thankful for Ms. Pat, Yano and Clara. Never a dull moment with these guys. A.M.E

Thanks Andrew Dakin


Thanks for Heather for start Starwest training


Thanks to Karen for making my job a lot easier.


Thanks to Karen for making my job a lot easier. – John Moore


Thanks to Larry’s Skutchan for giving me a job 30 years ago!


Thanks to Sarah Bush for being so supportive!! – Corin


Thanks to Mark Renfrow. He is a great boss He’s supportive, keeps us informed and makes himself available to us when we have questions.


The great food at Lynn’s Café!


The kids we serve.


To April Wilson, Thank you for your ever continued guidance, patience, and camaraderie. Sincerely, Beth Rohret


To: Rebekah, from Clara


TPR (Robert Conaghan, Heather Kennedy-MacKenzie, Denise Snow). thank you so much for the extra help you gave me with the intellectual property management project! – Joon


Wanda, Terri, Sirena


William Graven for his endless Marvel knowledge.


Thankful to Jack Fox for “Wonderful narrations of the talking books” Pam Rader


Thanks to Larry Skutchan for giving me a job 13 years ago. Rob Meredith


Thanks for Rachel Bishop for all our walks together and all the theatre conversations we’ve had.-Emily Grimany


I am thankful to Katie Carpenter in the Museum for introducing me to Readers Theater. It has been a joy for me to be a part of Readers Theater for the last seven years. Benjamin Wright