Proofreading TACTILE GRAPHICS Checklist

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Saving time and frustration by checking early

The drawing

General Shape

  1. Does the drawing represent the general shape of the item shown in print?
  2. Is the drawing large enough to be clear to a tactile reader?

Interior contents

  1. If there are smaller items within the general shape, are all of these included in the drawing?
  2. If there are multiple categories of smaller items, are they differentiated in braille?
  • Will this difference be clear to a tactile reader?


  1. Are all necessary labels included?
  2. Does each label accurately reflect the print?
  3. Is each label spelled and contracted correctly?
  4. Are labels positioned correctly?
  • Labels should be above or to the left of the labeled item whenever possible.


  1. Are all of the measurements that are given in print included in braille?
  2. Are all of the measurements shown in a format that is correct for this document?

“Ticked Items” (Grids/Graphs/Number Lines)

  1. Are the correct number of tick marks/bars/lines shown in every direction?
  2. Are the x-axis (horizontal) labels positioned correctly?
  • When no number indicator is used, dots 1 2 3 of the first digit aligned with tick mark
  • When a number indicator is used, dots 4 5 6 of the number indicator aligned with tick mark
  • The bottom of all labels aligned horizontally
  1. Are the y-axis (vertical) labels positioned correctly?
  • Dots 2 5 aligned with tick mark
  • The last digit of all numeric labels aligned vertically
  • A single zero label that applies to both axes aligned vertically with the y-axis labels and horizontally with the x-axis labels
  1. Does each plotted line/bar intersect the same points in print and in braille?
  2. Are plotted lines and points easy to find tactually?
  • surrounded by negative space
  • tick mark extending beyond a plotted point
  • distinct textures and/or symbols


  1. Are appropriate arrowheads used?
  2. Does all braille appear to be in the same font?

Page numbers (do they correspond with your .BRF?)

Print page number

  1. Is the [lettered continuation] print page number correct?

Braille page number

  1. Is the braille page number correct?

Page layout

Graphic placement

  1. Does each graphic begin in cell 1?
  2. Is there a blank line before and after each graphic?

First line of braille

  1. Does the first braille line begin in the correct cell, and does the print page number end at the right margin?


  1. Do all items, including runovers, begin in the appropriate cell?

Braille page number

  1. Does the braille page number end at the right margin of the last braille line?


  1. Are headings formatted correctly?
  • begin in the correct cell?
  • have appropriate blank lines before and/or after?

The braille


  1. Is every single cell of braille on the page with the graphic correct?
    (That is, does it match your .BRF exactly?)