Connecting your computer, phone or tablet

Its important to remember that, in general, the Refreshabraille 18 needs to connect to a device running a screen reader. The screen reader is what actually sends the information to the Refreshabraille. Exceptions are Accessible mobile managers like Icon™ and Braille+™, which work with the display and do not require a screen reader.


USB vs. Bluetooth Connection

There are two ways to connect. The first one is via the USB cable included with your device. Since most laptops and PC computers have USB ports, you may connect them in this way. An advantage to connecting via USB is the extended battery life of approximately 100 hrs.


The second way to connect is via wireless Bluetooth. You may connect via Bluetooth with computers, smart phones and tablets that support Bluetooth. Bluetooth increases portability since the devices are not attached with a cable. Battery life using wireless Bluetooth is approximately 30 hrs.


The following links will take you to a step-by-step explanation on how to connect with some of the most used devices:


  • Windows laptop or PC running JAWS or NVDA
  • iPhone or iPad running VoiceOver
  • Android smartphone running TalkBack


If you need information on how to connect other devices, please send us a note, or refer to the complete version of the Refreshabraille 18 documentation.