Useful things you may want to know

You have unpacked your display, turned it on and off, and now your mind is wondering…

Here are some random interesting things that you may find helpful.

• A USB AC adaptor/charger is not included with the Refreshabraille, but you can charge it by connecting it to your computer.
• The device has a 1 year warranty, and may be extended for 12 months by purchasing a $250.00 extended warranty within 90 days of its purchase
• You may flip over, or reverse the way the display reads. Here’s how:*
Reversing the display orientation video• You may also reverse the way the Advance Bars work. Here’s how:
Reversing the Advance Bars Video• A quick way to switch Braille output modes (contracted-uncontracted-UEB) is by using the Chord G combination (Space bar + G).

Feel free to send us a note if you have other interesting things we can add to this list.