What it is and what it does

The Refreshabraille 18 is an 18 cell rechargeable Braille display. It works in conjunction with another device.

Think of it as your computer monitor. Your computer monitor can only display information when connected to a computer. Likewise, when not connected to a supported device, the Refreshabraille will not display anything but it’s built-in menu.

The Refreshabraille requires to be connected to a supported device that will be sending the information to it. Supported devices need to be running a screen reader. Examples of such devices and screen readers are the following:

  1. IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac computer) running VoiceOver
  2. Windows computers running JAWS, NVDA, Window Eyes
  3. Android devicesrunning TalkBack and so on…

Once the display is connected via USB or Bluetooth with another device such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone, it will display in Braille the information being read by the screen reader.