Accessibility: Design of Forms of Communication, Products, Services, and Environment

Have you ever struggled to read a print label because of its tiny font, or the poor contrast between the letters and the background?

In a restaurant, have you ever gone over and over a poorly organized menu failing to find the side dishes or the vegetarian items?

How about struggling to find your way to a new doctor or dentist office because of poor directions or lack of signage?

Have you ever tried opening an email attachment at work, only to find that it requires a special download, triggers a missing font message, or is a fillable form that is locked and thus, unfillable?

If you have, you are not alone.

This module will explain how forms of communication, products, services or environments may be designed in ways that allow people with different abilities to fully access their information and make use of them.

We will also explore some terms that have become part of our vocabulary in recent years, and how they tie into APH’s mission of providing tools for education, work and daily life.