APH Accessibility Resources

Because APH wishes to create a more accessible work place, and ultimately a more accessible world, we have created a variety of resources to help make accessible your information, projects and ideas. These resources are available to you as an APH employee.

The Accessibility Hub (aphaccessibility.com)

One of the most valuable resources we offer, and are continually building and updating, is the Accessibility Hub. Here is a list of the resources you will find at the Hub:

Checklists for Different File Types

Among other things, The Hub hosts Document Accessibility Checklists for commonly used applications such as Word, Outlook, Power Point, Excel and PDF.

  • Checking your messages, documents and presentations against these checklists will ensure you are creating content everyone can easily and efficiently access.


In addition to document checklists, we have created a list that will ensure you conduct successful meetings, where everyone can access and take advantage of all the information you will be sharing.


PowerPoint is a powerful tool when conducting presentations. To ensure accessibility of all PowerPoint presentations, we have created some accessible templates that will provide a great starting point for your content. You may find these accessible presentation templates here.


Because we want everyone to have equal access to information, we have established the In-House Braille Initiative. This is a place that will help turn any work related document into braille. You provide us with a file, we will have electronic or hard copy braille for you within days. You can read the guidelines and learn more about this service at the in-house braille initiative page.

Assistance or Questions

Finally, if you have any accessibility-related question, we have an electronic mailbox at accessibility@aph.org where you can drop us a line or two. We will do our best to find the answer to your inquiry, or consider any suggestions you may have. Some inquiries we have received include reviewing a document for accessibility, creating or adding labels to vending machines or doors, making an activity accessible, and ADA-related (Americans with Disabilities Act) questions.

Accessibility Committee

The APH Accessibility Committee is comprised of individuals from different departments across the company. Our mission is to guide and implement accessibility efforts beginning with APH and expanding into our community and beyond. If you are interested in checking out one of our monthly meetings, or the possibility of joining, please send an e-mail message to accessibility@aph.org. We will be happy to have you!

Access Center

In the near future, we will have an Access Center, a place where you will find tools to make your own braille labels, create tactile maps, produce braille, borrow equipment and more.


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