Dog guide or guide dog?

  • What is it? Seeing Eye Dog, Guide Dog, or Dog Guide. The correct term is Dog Guide, but Guide Dog is widely used too. “The Seeing Eye” was the first dog guide school in the United States, and Seeing Eye Dogs is what they call their dogs. However, nowadays, there are nearly 15 guide dog school in the US, so the term has changed to cover all dogs that may not belong to The Seeing Eye School.
  • You have probably heard: “Don’t pet a guide dog when he or she is working.” This is true. It is better to ignore guide dogs when they are working and they are wearing their harness. Any interaction with them may distract them from doing their job.

There may be some situations when owner and dog may be taking a break. In this instance, if you cannot resist, please be polite and ask if you can pet their dog. You never know, occasionally the answer may be “yes”, but please do not be offended if the person says “no.”

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