Accessibility Information for APH Vendors and Presenters

We value the information you are offering our employees. For this reason, and because we have a diverse workforce, we want to give you some guidelines to make your information available to everyone. More information may also be found on our APH Accessibility Hub’s Checklist for Planning APH Meetings., opens in a new window


We have created the following template for your PowerPoint presentation. The use of this template as well as the guidelines provided in our Checklist for PowerPoint Presentations, ensure that the information in your presentation is accessible to all employees.

(The template will open with a title slide. To view your options and add additional slides, select the dropdown under “New Slide”.)

APH PowerPoint Template, opens in a new window

Checklist for PowerPoint Presentations, opens in a new window


In many cases, print handouts include information already available electronically in your website or in an electronic file. Instead of printed materials, we strongly encourage you to provide a list to specific resources in your site, or offer the documents electronically.

For instance, if you are providing information about a dental plan, the 2018 rates, and your organization brochure as handouts, consider doing the following:

  • Provide a direct link to the information in your site about the dental plan.
  • Provide a direct link to download the PDF version of your brochure.
  • Provide an electronic document containing the current rates.

If there is anything that is not available electronically that is essential information for our employees, we have a process for creating accessible versions, such as embossed braille, if you provide enough lead time. We’ll be happy to discuss the best course of action through the contact below.


Finally, if you are planning an activity, please make sure all participants are able to participate. For instance, if you will have participants write something, let us know in advance, so participants who do not use traditional methods can bring their own accessible writing tools.

Contact Us

If you have questions before your visit, please feel free to contact our Accessibility Group by sending an e-mail to: We will be happy to help you provide useful information to all our employees.