PDF Resources

While it is always best to incorporate accessibility into the design of any document from the beginning, we are often presented with PDFs that are inaccessible and don’t have access to the source file to make changes where they would be most effective.

We are working on resources to help guide users through creating accessible PDFs and provide instruction for common situations. In the meantime, here are some tools that may prove useful when checking for and creating more accessible PDFs.


For those who do not rely on a screenreader or keyboard navigation, the PDF Accessibility Validation Engine , opens in a new window allows users to upload an existing PDF. The software makes automatic corrections, guides users through additional corrections and allows users to download a more accessible version, all without changing the visual layout of the document.

Adobe Accessibility Repair Workflow

Adobe outlines the steps that may be performed to make PDFs more accessible in this section of their Accessibility Repair Workflow, opens in a new window.