Accessibility and Inclusion Training

Training on Visual Impairment

We have created five training modules to give a general understanding on topics related to blindness. The goal for the training is to have people feel

comfortable around individuals who are blind and visually impaired and gain a basic understanding of the adaptations made by people with visual impairments.

As an introduction to the topic, view our pages entitled Welcome and useful considerations, opens in a new window

Training Modules:

    1. Human Guide: Tips and techniques, opens in a new window
    2. Blindness and Low Vision: Definitions, conditions and experiences, opens in a new window
    3. Low and Hi-Tech: Reading, writing and access to information, opens in a new window
    4. Mobility: White cane, guide dogs, technology and transportation, opens in a new window
    5. Accessibility: Design of forms of communication, products, services, and environment, opens in a new window